Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This is an guest post from the Personal Finance Blog Debt Discipline:

I was catching up on some podcasts this weekend, one that I regularly listen to is “The Dave Ramsey Show” I don’t usually have the opportunity to listen to his show during the week as my day job gets in the way. I’ve been a little behind on my podcasts and was catch up on a number of December episodes. I listened to Dave’s last live show before Christmas. It was from 12/20/2013. The topic of the show was giving. Dave took calls from all over the country with stories of giving. It was truly an amazing show and if you have a chance to listen to it I would highly recommend it. There were a variety of stories from a Church parish giving $50 to each of its members to spend on someone else, Teachers in a school in Chicago taking a collection and anonymously give students $25 dollar gift card, donations being collected for a family in upstate New York whose dad was killed in a robbery.


There were many other truly amazing stories about giving. I have listened to the podcast a few times now. I have asked my family to listen to it as well. I was really touched by it. These stories really help keep me motivated. I want to be able to be in a position to be able to help others with my money in the future. My goal in the future is to be able to have the wiggle room in our budget to be able to take part in acts of giving like I heard on this podcast. I believe it will first start with my own children, changing our financial situation has a lot to do with them. I want to be able to provide better for them, teach them better then I was taught on how to handle money. I’d want to have the free cash to pick up the tab at dinner for family or friends. Having expendable dollars to help others in need, or take part in random act of kindness. These are the things that beyond my own situation excite me about being debt free.

What motivates your financial situation? Have you ever taken part in a random act of kindness?

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