Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Recap

I’m back. After a little break with lots of family, friends, and tons of food I’m hopeful to get back to some regular posting. It was a great Holiday season this year, so great that my children dubbed it “The Best Christmas Ever.” There were so many reasons why it was the best Christmas ever. In no particular order here are the reason for our best Christmas ever:

Wish lists fulfilled - Everyone got what the wanted this year. Packages cookies baked with love all delivered on time. There were smiles all around.

Only Cash was used – We did not incur any debt this holiday season all gifts, food etc. were paid in full with cash. What an amazing feeling,

Random Act of Kindness – My wife and I had the opportunity to shed a little light for others. When a customer was a little short on their grocery bill, and asked my wife to remove some items from their total, my wife paid the difference for them. I handed out Dave & Buster’s gift cards to 3 families that had unlimited video game play on them. Everyone was very thankful.

Time Spent With Family – both my wife and I took the week off between Christmas and New Years and had a great week with our children.

– spent a number of days/nights with good friends drinking, eating, and laughing.

Snow – not a white Christmas, missed it by about 24 hours, but we did get to play, shovel and sled in plenty of the white stuff.

We did have our share of craziness as well. My wife had a flat tire on the expressway with 4 kids in the car, on their way to go sledding. I happen to be laid up in bed that day recovering from a trip to the ER and a battle with kidney stones. (kidney stones I’ll save for another day) After a call to our road side assistants told us the wait would be 4 hours, a Police office showed up and changed the tire for my wife.

We had the tire replaced the following day and received a 60% credit towards purchase of the new one. Things just seem to be a lot less stress free these days when the burden of money isn’t hanging over your head.

Hoping everyone had a great Holiday and Happy New Year.

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