Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cleaning out the Closet

I was preparing my closet for some potential Christmas gifts last night, going through my clothes and getting rid of the stuff I no longer wear or just doesn't fit quite right. I have a bag full of stuff that I will donate. I was making room for some new clothes that I typically receive during Christmas. Practical gifts, because I have a job that requires business casual dress. As I went over the clothes in the closet I realized of the 15 or so dress shirts I own only 5 or 6 regularly get worn, the same goes for the 6 or 7 dress pants, only 3 or 4 get regularly worn. It really got me thinking about scaling back my overall wardrobe. I have read a few blog post about the topic. Scaling back on material things, making your life simpler, and in turn saving money.

I could certainly see the advantage of not having a closet full of clothes, it makes getting ready for work, school, etc that much easier. You don't need to look over 15 shirts by 7 pants combinations to come up with a match. If you make it 6 shirts by 3 pants, if really decreased your decision making time. Depending on where you buy your clothes that's some big saving as well. As Christmas day approaches I hope I get some nice new clothes, but this year they new ones will replace old ones keep my closet thin.

Have you scaled back material items in your life? If so has it make life easier? Has it helped you save money?


  1. We moved from a 2,000 sq ft house to a 1,000 sq ft condo. :)
    This helps tremendously with "stuff accumulation."
    There are no room for stuffs so we spend less money. The Mrs. would LOVE that closet in the picture though.

  2. That's pic isn't a closet, the a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC!