Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks

It’s that time of year again family, friends, food, and football. Thanksgiving is here. Typically a nice four-day weekend, with one big kick off nestled in there to really get the Holiday shopping season off the ground. Black Friday! Our family typically doesn’t partake in Black Friday actively. If there is something on our Christmas list that we can get a deal on we may venture out, but often we choose to sit this day out. Thanksgiving for our us is enjoying a great meal with family.

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We often share they things that we are thankful for in our lives. The childrens list can get interesting and quiet funny. Here are the thinks I’m most thankful for:

My Wife – she keeps me in line. :)
My Children – puts lots of smiles on my face and makes me proud
My Job – Good days/bad days but it pays the bills.
My Health – sure I could lose some weight, exercise more, but overall not to bad
Family & Friends – don’t get to see them as often as I’d like
Recession – forced me to change my financial habits and get things on track

It’s a pretty standard list up until the Recession entry. For me the recession was the bottom, it was the point that I could not refinance any longer, or increase my line of credit. I had to find other answers. It forced me to cut spending, close my credit cards and get my finances on track. So for it, I’m thankful. I know for others it’s not  something they will ever be thankful for.

Happy turkey day!

Will you be venturing out on Black Friday? What things are you thankful for?
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