Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Debt Collector Calls

I received a call from a debt collector this week. It wasn’t for me, but a family member. I explained that they did not live or could be reach at the number dialed. I asked the collector not to call my number again. When I asked her to confirm my request, she proceeded to get rude with me, annoyed that I asked her to confirm my request she stated that she did hear me. After her confirmation I ended the call. 

The family member in question I have little contact with, but assuming that we share the same last night the debt collector is looking for anyway to get in touch to try and collect the debt. This brief call was frustrating enough and it wasn’t even for me, I couldn’t image having these types of calls coming in for me. I’m hopeful that the family members get their finances straightened out. If we were on better terms I would offer what help I could, information on how to get out of their financial trouble. As bad as you may think you have it, someone always has it worse.

Have you ever tried to help a family member with their finances? If so what were the results?

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