Friday, October 15, 2010

Week End Round Up

It was truly a great week. I had my first guest post over at Punch Debt in the Face. Thanks Ninja! This really helped drive activity over here. I’ll have more in the coming weeks and looking to host some guest post here as well.

My Yakezie challenge is really making strides. I started with a Alexa ranking of over 4 million and within 2 weeks I’m under 2 million. Nice!

Here's some of the blog posts I found the most interesting this week:

Punch Debt in the Face –Dancing with Finances

Do No Wait - for all of your retirement planning and a great iPad give away

Getting Rich Slowly – How To Maximize your Salary

Frugal Dad – Five Daily Activities to Improve your Finances

Budgets are Sexy – The Power of 2nd and 3rd Opinions

Budget In the Fun Stuff - If I had the Money I would Replace My Car

Investor Junkie - The Secret to Building Wealth

Have a great weekend and say debt free!

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