Thursday, October 28, 2010

Name Calling

My wife and I were discussing our finances the other night and it just slipped out of her mouth. She call me a name. I won't mention what she called me, so not to offend anyone, but it went something like "you've been such a budget blank that I didn't know if we had any money to spend." I have been joking with her about it. I guess I should take it as a complement.

 The fact that we have both been tightening our belt and not spending money on wants, only needs is a good thing. We are in a much better place then we were just 4 months ago. We have not added any debt only reduced it, we have began to build an emergency fund, and have increased our overall income. All good steps to getting our finances in order. We will have challenges ahead over the next few months with the Holidays. We will need to stay on course with our plan to survive until the new year. If it means we need to call each other a few more names and then laugh about it, I'm in as long as we don't add any debt.

Has anyone ever called you a name related to your frugal, budget, financial habits?

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