Saturday, October 30, 2010

Candy Land

It's Halloween! What a glorious day. Free Candy! A double bonus because it's a weekend, extended hours for knocking on doors and snagging treats. I reminded my children that it would be 5 years before Halloween would fall on a weekend again, so enjoy it. We stocked up on candy this year, expecting a number of visitors to our home. We spent $28 on 5 bags of candy.

We typically buy the good stuff, no Mary Jane, Bit-O-Honey, or gummy food made in Japan for us. We go for M&Ms, snickers, milkyways, skittles, etc. With 3 kids we are typically pretty busy on Halloween. We hand out candy when home, but often leave the bowl out in from of our house relying on the honor system. We have had good luck and have always returned to find the bowl in once piece and candy remaining. It's good to know there are good kids out there. Happy Halloween!

How much do you spend on candy? Do you hand it out or use the honor system?


  1. I bought skittles, twizzlers and suckers this year. Spent about $25. We hand it out personally.

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