Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you smarter than a 3rd grader?

My youngest son who is 8 came home on Friday with some recently complete class work. I was glad to see that his class is currently being taught a money unit in school. See his worksheets below.

Bring back any memories? These worksheets show the basics of counting money and recognizing the different values in bills and coins. These exercises are good fundamental skills that he will use throughout his life. My wife and I will work hard to help fill in the blanks about money as he grows up. Saving it, budgeting it, investing it, etc. I realized I may have include similar statements in some of my other post, but it needs to be repeated. I go as far to say that in all the steps, and guides that other experts offer, they should add child financial education as one of those steps.

What have you done to help prepare your children for the financial future?


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  2. I think it should be "smarter than" instead of "smarter then." :)

    came by via PDITF. :) Good luck on your journey!!

  3. lol. I guess I failed that test. Thanks!