Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stock up on the Tighty Whities

Cotton prices are on the raise add it's about to impact your wallet. According to a recent article on CNN Money.

Some of the worlds largest producers of cotton have been hit with bad weather and raw cotton prices have hit a 15 year high. Experts expect a $2 cost increase in your average cotton T-Shirt come January. There is typically a lag in time to market, so you better buy now before prices increase.

After reading this it made me wonder about being frugal about clothes shopping. I have read a lot about people cutting cost with food and variable expenses such as entertainment, but when it comes to clothes, what's the best what to be frugal? Some jobs require employees to follow a dress code, can you stay on budget and still look good?

How do you handle clothes shopping in your budget?


  1. I still get tight whities from either my Mom or wife for Christmas ...

  2. Well, next year they will cost them both a little more.