Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Money Can buy Happiness!

Well at least emotional well-being according to a recent study. The full study can be found here:

 Happiness -Money Report

This report has been all over the news, Internet, and even Howard Stern mentioned it over the past few days. To summarize the study, basically peoples happiness got better as income rose but the effect leveled out at $75,000. The study has much more detail. It goes on to say that with lower income people generally have more stress, health and bad feelings. The higher income that you make the more likely that you are to have good feeling per day, less stress and better outlook. Although the $75k marked a leveling point, people who make more feel a better sense of accomplishment or overall satisfaction in their life on a daily basis.

I have never met anyone who didn't want to make more money. I think it's human nature to rate yourself, evaluate your self worth certainly in the workplace. There are always factors when determining ones wage / salary. Education, experience, external hire or internal. I struggle with the fact that companies can hire anyone off the street at any wage / salary, but employees of that company are subject to guide lines / rules for promotions, raises etc. I had to explain that more then once to some employees. These factors play into the over moral of the workplace and the basic happiness of people. Even if one person isn't happy with his wage/ salary this can easily spin out of control, stirring others to focus on the bad instead of the good. It's a fine line that is walked each day in the work place. I have to agree with the study, money can buy emotional well being at least putting that smile on your face until the paycheck is spent. :0)

Are you happy with your income? Do you think happiness is tied to you level of income?

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