Friday, September 10, 2010

Deck the Halls?

I sat in a meeting this week and a co-worker mention that she has already received 3 shipments of Christmas presents, she does a lot of online shopping. The conference room had a good laugh. There are 105 days left until Christmas from the time of this post. I heard on the news this week that Toys 'R' Us is opening 600 temporary holiday stores. Great more ways for my kids to add to their wish list. It all got me thinking how will I handle the Holiday shopping this year?

I typically always put a portion on my credit cards, and that is not an option this year. I have no Holiday fund saved to date, but can start I do have 91 day left. I am lucky enough to have a job that gives me an end of the year bonus. It will be use to finance most if not all of my shopping this year. I will have to plan carefully to stay within my bonus budget and make sure I accomplish all of my shopping. Some ways I'm considering to reduce cost / stay with budget during this holiday season.

Scaling back my gift buying list - sorry extended family and some friends

Set spending limits with family and friends - set a max spending limit $25 sounds right

Stay on course for my immediate family 3 kids & wife - no impulse items

Bargain hunt - black Friday, coupons, groupon, etc

Any others I missed? How are you tackling your Holiday shopping this year?


  1. Start on December 26th to save for next year. We put away $100 a month- leaving money for gifts and travel in December. Maybe part of this year's bonus can be put in the bank for next year?

    Our extended family does a white elephant exchange. We bring a wrapped gift to the party. We then go through exchanging, taking and giving. It is a blast. No one cared about the gift cards to music that usually ended up being the present before the white elephant came up.
    In this economy it might be time to approach people with this idea. It is supposed to reminding us of Christ's gift of Himself in the season- not the amassing of debt...

  2. Thanks Janette all good ideas. A Holiday fund is in my future for sure.

    I have been a part of the white elephant or secret Santa game before, it can be very fun.