Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 2, ouch!

Only 2 days into our 30 day challenge of keeping track of all our spending, expenses, etc. and smack a nice punch to the side of the face. A $255 bill for repairs on my car. Totally unexpected, but needed to be done. I needed breaks and rotors. I commute about 50 miles round trip each day to my job in regular traffic. So the money needed to be spent.

Now the kick in the shines. All 3 children had eye exams as they are preparing to go back to school. No worries we have insurance. Exams are covered after a low $10 co-pay. My oldest son and daughter both need glasses, again no worries. Our insurance covers up to $120 for frames and lenses are covered. After the $120 we get a 25% on anything about that. I figured we'd be able to stay close to that amount when picking out frames for the kids. Well my wife and I were not on the same page. We ending up spending $163 above our $240 of coverage for 2 pair of glasses. So day 2 was a $400 day for us. Not a way to start a month. It really reminds me that we need to communicate on each and every purchase.

How do you handle unexpected cost?

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