Monday, August 2, 2010

Wasteful Spending

Its garbage night, so my wife and I decided to clean out our freezer. I can't believe how much money I just bagged up and took to the curb. We filled four bags up from our freezer with old vegetables, steak, chicken, fish, and ice cream. All money down the drain. I guesstimate we just threw away about $300. Not a very fun experience, but will certainly prompt a change it our shopping and freezer habits. It did get me thinking about other wasteful spending, things that we spend extra money on out of convenience. Here's a few I came up with.

ATM Fees - using another banks ATM instead of yours and pay 2 or 3 dollars just to get you money.

Eating out - in general it cost way to much compared to make the same food at home.

Milk/Bread run - hitting the local convenience store instead of the super market and paying way to much for everyday things.

General Laziness (this can apply for so many things) - not shutting off lights, TVs, electronics, unplugging cell phone chargers and running up the electric bill.

What do you wastefully spend money on?
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  1. My wife and I use Foodsaver. We usually buy in bulk and when our deep freezer runs out of one certain item, thats when we buy more.

    We also use our debit instead of ATM at stores that give cash back if we need cash.

    My biggie waste is the biscuit and coffee into work, but I think that's about it.

  2. Our biggest weakness is eating out when we are out of town with the boys.

  3. When we remodeled our kitchen, we got a bottom freezer fridge which has a much smaller freezer. It actually helps me purge my stuff on a more regular basis.

    My mom has a huge garden and I always want an extra freezer, but then I think about all those things that get lost in the back of the freezer and never get used.

    I definitely eat out a lot. I could curb that more. I also buy too much junkfood. Bad for the waistline, the kids, and the bank balance.