Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Part Time Job Update

I know I've mentioned that my wife is in the hunt for a part time job. We figured this would be a good time to start with college and High School students returning to school. The type of flexible part time job she is looking for would open up. Since we have 3 school age children who are not quite ready to be left alone the job needs to be on the off hours when I'm home from my job or during day while they are in school. So here's where is has applied:
Toys R Us
Best Buy
Local Supermarket Chain

We both have been surprised at that all have offered online applications process. This allows the company to ask more question then a standard paper application. Most have been filled with ethic questions and go beyond just your person information and previous employment history.  I'm still a little skeptical on this online process for these types of jobs.

Has anyone had any luck with these companies and this process?

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