Friday, August 6, 2010

Luxury Expenses

Reading this article and seeing a story about it on the news got me thinking about luxury expenses.

Dumpster Pools

Why a dumpster made me think of it I'm not sure, but if I had the money I'd park a few of these in the back parking lot at work for my staff to enjoy a mid-day dip.

I starting thinking of things I spend money on that are not necessaries like food and water.

Here's my short list.

Satellite radio - really nice to have, commercial free, makes drive to work much more enjoyable - funny thing here is I've been trying to cancel for awhile now. Last time I tried they gave me 5 months free.

Starbucks coffee - I don't drink coffee - but this is my wife's weakness

Internet game subscriptions - pogo, club penguin

We have recently cut back on a lot of things. I happen to work for a company that provides my Internet/cable so I didn't list it. What does your list look like?

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