Monday, August 16, 2010

Houston We Have a Job

My wife heard back from 3 of the 5 perspective employers she applied to. Target e-mailed and said they had no open positions at the location she had applied. Toys R Us/ Babies R US asked her in for an interview as well as they local supermarket / grocery store. As suspected both are looking to fill day time hours now that summer is coming to an end and high school / college kids are returning to school. Both interviews went went. My wife has previous experience in customer service and retail.

She was offered position with both companies at the completion of each interview. Within a week she went from looking to having two offers and a decision to make. After some discussion my wife accepted a position with the supermarket / grocery store. They offered what the called the mommy shift. Day time hours while the kids are in school and seemed much more flexible in case of a child being home sick, school vacations, etc. Best of luck!

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