Monday, August 9, 2010


I've read a number of articles and blog posts over the last week or so, regarding marriage and finances. Some take the approach of keeping accounts separate, some don't. All agree that communication is key to keeping your finances healthy. I have to agree. But isn't that true is any relationship? Keeping the lines of communication open, when dealing with a spouse, partner, friend, employee, sibling, etc.


My wife and I started a budget years ago, well at least wrote one down, we didn't really stick to it until recently. When we revisited and realize things were much worst we put a plan in action. We have never communicated more about our budget and finances then we have over the past 3 months. We talk openly with our children about money, helping them understand our situation and educate them. Communication is key when things are going good or bad, problems big or small. I think that is sometime easily forgotten. How do you communicate your finances with your spouse, partner?

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