Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bucket List

I have tackled my financial bucket list, now I want to list my true bucket list. The things I truly hope to accomplish before I kick the bucket. Still the first step is having my debt and finances in order because as you will see with my list there will be some funding needed if I want to cross off some these items. Here it is in not particular order:

Take my children to their first NFL football game - I have been to many with my dad

Attend a Super Bowl

Take the family to Niagara Falls - I've have been there as a kid with my family

Teach my son's how to Scuba dive

Swim with dolphins

Write another screenplay - I have complete 5, but have not written in years

Director a feature film - was my goal out of college to work in the film industry

Take the family on 7 day or longer cruise - we've been on a 4 day and it was one of our greatest vacations

Drive cross country and sight see - have done this before, just the driving part.

Take my wife to Hawaii - we never really had a honeymoon

I'm sure that I will add more items over time, but wanted to get these down to start with. What your bucket list look like?

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