Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation Week Day 4

I broke my my own rule for vacation / staycation on day 4. See my earlier post on the topic. Vacation or Staycation It was a rainy day so we just stayed home and did some errands. Never mix everyday chores while on a staycation. So not a bad day for my bottom line, but not a classic fun vacation day. I work with my oldest son on his punting and field goal kicking for his upcoming football season. Yes laces out!

University of Alabama placekicker Leigh Tiffin...Image via Wikipedia
I also worked with my youngest son on the finer points of riding his new bike. My wife and daughter had some returns to make and a post office run.

Day 4 total  expenses $0.00

4 day total = $81.86

More to come.........
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