Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation Week Day 3

Today we spent the day at a local aquarium. We were  lucky enough to score free admission tickets via my brother. The regular cost is $18.50 for kids and $21.50 for adults.. We had a great day taking in the sea lion and penguin shows. Visiting most of the exhibits. I believe the shark tank was the favorite. We feed sting rays. There was cost for the food. We purchases 3 portions @ $2 each for total cost of $6. We also purchased ride bracelets for each of the kids @ $5 each for a total cost of $15. With this we also got a coupon for a free $5 arcade game card. The kids went on the Submarine Simulator and Discovery Tower ride several times and use the arcade card to pick up some tickets which them redeemed for prizes. We packed a lunch again. At the end of the day we had a snack of ice cream. 5 small cones cost a total of $20.45 see my post on ice cream. Ice Cream But this is vacation week so we went for it. Total expense for the day 2  -$41.45.

3 day total = $81.86

More to come.........
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  1. I love aquariums. Fell in love when I went to the aquarium of the americans in New Orleans. Would love to be close enough to one to take my boys to. Sounds like a great day.