Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time to call the Real Estate Agent?

I heard on the news today the my county is the most expensive to live in my entire state. At first I didn't believe it. But after doing a little research it turns out to be true. I found that each State produces a Self-Sufficiency survey, which defines the amount of income necessary to meet basic needs (including taxes) without public subsidies (e.g., public housing, food stamps, Medicaid or child care) and without private/informal assistance (e.g., free babysitting by a relative or friend, food provided by churches or local food banks, or shared housing). The family types for which a Standard is calculated range from one adult with no children, to one adult with one infant, one adult with one preschooler, and so forth, up to two-adult families with three teenagers.

The detailed reports can be found at:

There is a lot of information included in the report. Sure enough looking over the New York state report I live in the county where a family of 5 need to earn the most money to be Self Sufficient. It might be time to move.

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