Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Day of Vacation

I took the kids to the library in the AM. We need to pick up new cards for the 3 of them since theirs were misplaced. Cost a total of $3.00. We each pick out some books, DVDs and some CDs. They also spent some time on the library's computer playing some games. This afternoon we went to a BBQ hosted by a friend. Overall it was a great week a lot of family time with enough events mixed in to keep everyone happy. Of course not you not stop typical vacation at an amusement park or resort, but we still had fun.

Day 4 total expenses $3.00

5 day total = $84.86

Now our plans this year before we ran into a little debt issue were to fly to California for a week to 10 days to visit family. Average cost per ticket when we priced our flight was $465 round trip per person. $465 X 5 =$2325. We would have needed to rent a car as well. Average price for a week rental $750. So our original plan would have cost us $3075 just to get to CA and we would have not done anything yet. We would have stayed with family and did a lot of low cost things while we were there, so even if I tack on an additional $425. Our trip would have cost $3500 on on a credit card. Sure the down side is we didn't get to see our family this summer, but we didn't add $3500 to our overall debt. We still managed to have a great vacation week and spent quality time as a family for under $100. Not to bad.
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