Friday, July 16, 2010

E-bay, the Civic and the No Armed Man

One of the ways to help bring in extra income to pay down debt is to sell items on E-Bay, Craigslist, etc. I have read this tip on a number of blogs, debt web sites, etc I have done this often to bring in a little extra cash over the years. Before I ever throw anything out I ask myself, can I sell this on E-bay. Electronics are always good items to sell. Anytime I upgrade an item video camera, digital camera, cell phone, video game system etc I always sell my old ones on-line. You can sell just about anything, just run a quick search and you'll find just about anything. I might have one of the top ten E-bay stories of all time to share in my humble opinion.

About 6 year,ago I listed my wife's 1992 Honda Civic for sale on E-bay. I was hoping to use E-bay as an advertising tool and have someone locally buy it. I live in the NY area.  I had the car listed for $1500 it was a 12 year old, but it ran great, and was in good shape. I had a number of inquires about the car. The auction continued to progress and it was finally ended and won by a guy name Caesar. He contact me and set up a date to pick up the car. He want to know what airport was closest to me. I asked him were he lived. California. I explained that this was a 12 year old car and I really wasn't sure if this would be the best investment. I asked how did he plan on getting it home, and he said he was going to drive it. I tried, but couldn't talk him out of it even with a number of potential local buyers. He was determined to purchase this car. Caesar was going to take a red eye flight from CA to NY, pick up the Civic and then drive it cross country. The story even gets better. So the day he was to arrive I get a knock at my door at 7 AM, I open the door and there stood Caesar a man about 5 feet tall with no arms.  He also had a friend with him. I was surprised but walk outside. After a test ride they purchased the car. Caesar called his brother on his cell phone, using his foot to hold the phone. His brother transferred the money for the car via PayPal and off they drove. I contacted Caesar a few times about a week later to see how his trip went and how the car did on the long ride. I never heard from him again. To this day I'm still not clear how he knocked on the door.

Anyone else have any interesting E-bay stories to share?

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  1. Mine ain't exactly an e-bay story but it's a great car sale story...and shows alot about the strange power of sincronicity: I had an 96 BMW 318, coupe, tried to sale it where I live, in LA...then something came up in San Diego, where a relative of mine had some health issues (she's fine now :P)...I was staying at a friend...and a friend of his saw my car parked outside and wanted to take it for a ride, as he was long before considering to buy a we discussed during his "test drive" he told me he saw a good offer at a similar model on (which coincidently was one of my own options of trying to get rid of my vehicle)...imagine our suprise when we found out that that offer was actually MINE !!! :))) to my satisfaction he bought the car on spot and I ended up returning home hitchhiking :P