Monday, June 21, 2010

The Ice Cream Man

Driving home from a practice the other day all 3 kids wanted ice cream. Baskin Robbins one said, Frosty’s from Wendy’s another said, how about we go home and wait for the ice cream man, the youngest shouted.

I said all great ideas, but let’s go to the grocery store and get ice cream. This way we can have ice cream all week instead of just one night.

There were a few moans, but after a minute all agreed that having ice cream every night was better then just one. Off we went. 2 – half gallons of their favorite flavors (cookie dough and cookies & cream) and 2 boxes of cones just a little over $8 price tag was good for me.

Considering the 3 alternatives mentioned above. Baskin Robbins is at least $3 a sundae, Plain old Frosty’s are in the $2 range. Our Mr.softee runs about $2.50 per cone. So spending between $6-$9 for 3 kids to have ice cream for 1 night, the $8 price tag for multiple nights of dessert was a bargain.

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