Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interview Series: Reach Financial Independence

This is an guest post from the Personal Finance Blog Debt Discipline:

This is the Seventh in a series of personal finance blogger interviews with fellow personal finance bloggers. Today’s guest is Pauline from Reach Financial Independence.

Who is Pauline?  
Pauline: I am a 33-year-old French girl born and raised in Paris. After college I decided to go see the world and have since lived in Guatemala, Spain, the UK and Morocco. I came back to Guatemala a couple of years ago, and bought a little house last year that I am turning into a guest house. I blog at Reach Financial Independence about early retirement, lifestyle choices, achieving your goals and deliberate living. I also own Make Money Your Way where I talk about ways to make money with investing, real estate, improving your career and side hustles. I love to travel, run, swim, cook, read and try new stuff.  

Why did you start your blog?  
Pauline: I had written for travel blogs for four years, was burned out and wanted to write about personal finance and my lifestyle, which is not really the norm. Reach Financial Independence was born 18 months ago, and Make Money Your Way a year later.  

What are your favorite Blogs? 
Pauline: Too many to list! One of the first I really liked was I Will Teach You To Be Rich, as it mixed psychology with the money behavior and I found it fascinating to try to reason why you do the things you do.  

When did you first become financially literate?
Pauline: I guess as a kid. My dad lost his job and had us live like it was WWII, although he had a comfortable emergency fund and we were still going on holidays or to private school. I knew I always wanted to have a little more than enough, just in case. What was the last item you regretted purchasing? My laptop. The old one was dying, in Guatemala where I live choices are limited so I got a basic replacement and it is so slooow. I plan on donating it to the local school and buying a new one next month.

If you died today, would your family be OK?  
Pauline: They’d be sad, but they know where my will is, and no one depends on my income, so that’s a yes.  

What are you teaching (or will you teach) your kids about money?  
Pauline: I don’t have kids, I hope to teach them independence. From a parent, learning to earn your own pocket-money from an early age. From a day job, learning to diversify your sources of income and always keeping a cushion. From the consumer world, learning to buy only what you need, and never on credit unless it is a house.  

What’s your dream job?
Pauline: I thought it was travel writer and after doing it for over four years I was burned out. Now I run a guest house, which was also one of my dream jobs, and am learning that it is not all rainbows and unicorns. I am lucky because I have held those two dream jobs of mine, and don’t really need the income they generate so the day I get bored I can stop and look for something else. Again we’re back on the topic of independence that is really dear to me.  

What’s next? (write in question)
Pauline: Well at the moment I just bought a third blog which is taking quite a bit of my time, I have been running the guest house for a couple of months, and I am developing 90 acres of land in Northern Guatemala. Those are my main areas of focus for 2014. It is tough to get motivation when working for yourself but those are three things I truly enjoy for now so it makes it much easier.

If interested in participating in a future interview, please contact me.

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