Monday, January 13, 2014

Interview Series: Life And My Finances

This is an guest post from the Personal Finance Blog Debt Discipline:

This is the first in a series of personal finance blogger interviews with fellow personal finance bloggers. Today's guest is Derek from Life And My Finances.  

Who is Derek from Life And My  
Derek: I was born in West Michigan and have always been fascinated with numbers. If Albert Einstein didn’t first coin the phrase that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, I just might have.  

Why did you start your blog?  
Derek: I first started my blog back in August 2010 (wow, time flies!) in order to make some extra money so I could move back home from Southern Florida. It did the trick and I’m happily back in Michigan again!  

What are your favorite Blogs?  
Derek: My personal favorite is Financial Samurai, then Get Rich Slowly, and then Smart Passive Income.  

When did you first become financially literate?  
Derek: I have been financially literate all my life (my parents were excellent models of this), but I really began to understand the power of cash flow and debt freedom when I was 25 years old. This new mentality has really served me well over the past 3 years.  

What was the last item you regretted purchasing?  
Derek: I think through my purchases far too much to regret them, but the closest thing to a regret was my 2004 GMC Sierra that I planned to sell quickly for a profit. While I did still make $600 on the deal, it wasn’t easy and it came with many headaches.  

If you died today, would your family be OK?  
Derek: Considering I am a family of one, yes, everyone would get along just fine! ;) And actually, I have willed all of my assets to my parents, which will make their retirement years so much easier financially.

What are you teaching (or will you teach) your kids about money?  
Derek: When I have children, I will teach them that (1) money should not be wasted and (2) anyone can earn as much money as they want, as long as they work for it.  

What’s your dream job?
Derek: I dream to survive on my real estate investments. After I pay my mortgage off next year, I plan to begin investing in multiplexes. After just a few purchases, I should easily be able to say “see ya” to my full-time job and then begin to pursue other self-employment opportunities.  

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit into this world? (write in question)
Derek: This is my feeling every day. I don’t watch television and I do my best to earn money outside of my day job. Just with these two things alone I am considered a weirdo at work! Not to mention that I am trying to pay my house off in 3 years instead of the typical 30. Some people just shake their heads at me, but how awesome will it be when I can live on less than $1,000 a month, but am earning more than $5,000? They can keep shaking their heads all the way to their grave as far as I’m concerned, because they will never be able to retire, while I will have the option in my mid 30s! ;)

Derek began Life And My Finances back in 2010 and still continues to teach people about personal finance today. Visit his blog to learn more about him and what he is doing for his readers!

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