Monday, January 6, 2014

Employees Choice

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The career web site Glassdoor recently release its 2014 Employees Choice Awards honoring the best 50 places to work in both the large (over 1000 employees) and medium (250-999 employees) categories. It is an interesting compilation as the results are generated based on employee feedback and rating of the companies. I’m sad to report that none of the companies I have ever work for have made the list, my wife on the other hand has 2 on the top 50 included the company she is currently working for. Based on her level of frustration some days I guess she wasn’t part of their survey. Looking over the list there are some common themes that reoccurred throughout employee reviews.

employees choice

Company Pros

  • Work-life balance – no after-hours commitments, you leave the office at the office.
  • Travel – get to visit some real great places on the company dime.
  • Culture/ Work environment - great atmosphere that forester’s communication and growth.
  • Creativity – allowed to have input to the process and projects. No idea is a bad idea.

Company Cons

  • Work-life balance – too many after-hours commitments, takes time way from family.
  • Travel – get to visit crappy places and travel takes you away from home often.
  • Contractor/consultants – too many guns for hire.
  • Culture/ Work environment – bad moral, gossip rules the office, can’t communicate ideas.
  • Changing Priority - priority changes so frequently you can never get anything done.
There are some slight differences in the list, but it really seems like it’s a matter of perspective a glass half full / half empty type situations with employee feedback. What I did find interesting was there was not much feedback on salaries or benefits within the comments. Glassdoor does give you a salary range breakdown by position section for each company listed, so maybe this influenced the comment section of the results. I would still think you would want to mention if a company was compensating you good or bad in the comments. I want to work for a company that has great leadership, which allows all levels of employee’s to have a voice, offers good benefits, and offers a competitive salary for the position. I know these sound generic, but in over 20 years in the work force I have not always experienced these things.

Have you ever worked for any of the top large or medium companies on the list? What do you look for most in a company?

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