Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Hard Times: Lost On Long Island'

The documentary 'Hard Times: Lost On Long Island' premiered this week on HBO. I was very interested in watching it because I live on Long Island. The documentary follows a number people from Long Island who are middle aged and have either lost their jobs or are under employed. I’m sure this film could have taken place in any numbers of towns in America and these peoples story are not unique. I found the overall story very interesting, how the prolonged unemployment leads to possible depression and foreclosure. What I would have liked to see explored in the documentary was how the people handle their finances up to the point that they lost their jobs. Were they financially prepare for this change in their lives. Overall 'Hard Times: Lost On Long Island' is worth watching and should provoke thoughts of how would you handle a situation like this.

Can you local listing for airdates or the documentary can be found on HBO on Demand or HBO Go.

Have you experienced a job loss? If so how did you handle it?

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