Monday, November 14, 2011

Does Paying Your Bills Make You Happy?

I’ve realized something today, 16 months into my dept repayment; I don’t have much stress over my bills anymore. In fact paying my bills each month makes me happy, because my family and I are one step closer to being debt free.

Its amazing how times have changes. A year and a half ago I stressed over sitting down to balance the check book. There were many disagreements on how money would be spent.

Today when an unexpected expense comes up it can be dealt with. There is little fear of the unknown, because a plan is in place.

So if you fear your check book, or the monthly bills, take action:

-          make a list of all income and expense
-          make a budget based on these
-          develop a plan
-          agree with you spouse on the plan
-          start an emergency fund
-          be happy!

How do you approach your bills, budget? How do they make you feel?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving Back

In honor of our Veterans I wanted to share an organization with you that does incredible work.

OPERATION SURF is a recreational and rehabilitative surf experience for active duty military recently wounded on tour in Iraq, Afghanistan or training maneuvers.

Operation Surf host annual wounded warriors surf program for soldiers from the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas. Operation Surf takes place in different locations such as Pismo Beach/Avila Beach, CA and Santa Cruz, CA.

They have developed an adaptive surf program to allow these soldiers to experience the thrill of surfing in a safe, constructive, land and ocean environment. 

My family and I are lucky enough to have family members who are very involved with this charity. We have yet to be a part of an event, but have donated money to their cause. We hope to some day take part in one of these amazing events.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Holiday Season & RAK

It’s that time of year again folks. The holidays are here. We are only 2 ½ weeks away from Thanksgiving and the full on Christmas blitz will be here. This makes me recall a post I made a little over a year ago.

Sure the Holidays are about giving and receiving gifts, but what about the Random Acts of Kindness. This is truly a special idea that can really make your Holiday season even more special.

I read today that Dave Ramsey has started his Giving Challenge again this year.

Challenging people to donate time or money to help others. Some of my co-workers are thinking of forgoing swapping gifts this year and taking the gift money to adopt a family. I think this is a great idea. Helping others in need. I’m hopefully in the future that once my debt repayment is complete that my family and I will have many opportunities to help others.

What are you doing to help others this Holiday season?

Friday, November 4, 2011

We're Back!

It’s been over 10 month since my last post. I have good reason for the delay. It has been a very busy 10 months. Work has been extremely hectic. My department is growing and I have hired 7 full time staff members. This is a good thing, but it take time and effort to get the new people up to speed. In April I had a short trip to the emergency room and stay in the hospital to have a cyst removed. I woke up one morning and it ruptured and off to surgery I went.

In August Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast and the family and I go a wake up at 4 am in the morning when a tree fell on our house. No one was hurt, except the roof. We did have a small branch breech the ceiling in a bedroom. All has been since been repaired.

Although I haven’t kept the blog updated over the last 10 months, I have kept myself update on debt topics listening to pod casts by Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller. I have also read a number of books including:

Dale Carnegie's - How to Win Friends & Influence People
Dale Carnegie's - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
Dan Miller’s - 48 Days to the Work You Love

With all these things going on my family and I have stayed focused on paying down our debt. We have our $1000 emergency fund in place and in just over 15 months have paid close to $32,000 of our debt off.

We may have been quite over this time, but we have been focused!