Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

My wife came home from her part time cashier job at a local grocery store this weekend with a great story to share. During her shift a woman in her mid 30's came to her register to check out, as she did an older woman, probably in her 70's stood in line behind her. The younger woman checked out and paid for her groceries. She stayed at the end of the check out as my wife rang up the older woman's order. As my wife announced the told, just under $25 dollars, the younger woman said I'd like to pay for your groceries. The older woman was stunned. She said but I don't even know you. My wife said to the older woman if she is willing, why not let her. The younger woman handed my wife the $25.00 and left. The older woman was still in shock. My wife handed the change to the older woman who was now crying. Repeating that she could not believe what had just taken place. Just like that a random act of kindness, bringing tear to the woman's eyes. The younger woman didn't even wait for a thank you.

My wife shared the story with me as soon as she came home. She also posted it on Facebook. We both enjoyed the many comments by friends, suggesting to pay it forward, and what a great Holiday idea this was. Truly shows you the power of giving, and even makes it that much more powerful when it's a complete stranger. The story instantly reminded me of the Dave Rasmey's "Great Giving Challenge." We will be doing some shopping this week and I hope to find the right opportunity to pay it forward myself.

Have you ever paid for something for a complete stranger? If so what was the reaction?


  1. That's a very nice story. I definitely need to do more RAC. I hope to donate my time when I am not so busy, but for now I'm doing a $50 for your favorite charity contest. It's not much, but every little bits count. :)

  2. Also, try some holiday charity gifts. Start with Kiva. A $25 gift will be used to finance third world entrepreneurs, and then your family member or friend can take the $25 if they choose (or re-lend it!).