Friday, November 19, 2010

Other Peoples Money

My wife recent came down with a toothache. She made a dentist appointment and was seen. The dentist addresses the pain, but follow up work was needed. The follow up work would take a few additional appointments with a total cost with insurance of roughly $900. Ouch! At the front desk my wife asked what were her option for appointments, payments, etc. She would need 3 follow visits to complete all of the work and payment in full would need to be made at the time of the final appointment. My wife explained that she would hold off making any appointment for now. The woman at the desk asked why? My wife explained that she did not have the cash to cover the work at this point. The woman said why not put it on your credit card. My wife explained that she would pay cash when she had it and would make an appointment at a later date. The woman again suggest that she need the work and she could pay on credit card. My wife explained again that this was not an option and left the office.

I understand the concept of payment must be received at the time of service. I would also like to have my wife's teeth address so she does not have any further issues. We both certainly don't want to finance the cost to have the work done. I was surprise as my wife retold me the story at how quickly the woman at the dentist office was to over advice on how we should spend our money. That a credit card was a good way to cover medical cost. We will make the arrangements to cover the cost and have my wife's teeth address in the near future. Payment will be made in cash!

Have you every been offered financial advice by a complete stranger?


  1. People are always providing advice and information, but I always remember that if most Americans have a ton of credit card debt, then I don't want to be listening to them lol

  2. You should talk to the dentist and see if he will accept payment plan. I'm pretty sure you can work something out especially if you are a long time patient.