Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have to admit I have it pretty easy. I have the ability to check my bank account balance at any moment. Login into any credit card account, (well if I didn't close them all a few months back). Get e-mail reminders to pay my bills. Make payments online when I do forget. Have incredible tools to track spending via a spreadsheet or programs like quicken. Ability to look up information right from home to get answers quickly. I mean I built this blog and published it in a few hours.

How did our parents ever manage a budget with just a check register? With all of this technology at our finger tips, why are some many of us in debt today? Could it be that the first general purpose credit cards was issued in 1966, and we've grownup on credit? I really need to pick my parents brain about how they managed their money before they had credit cards.

What technology do you use to help manage your finances? Did you think having less technology would make things easier?


  1. I love technology. I have 3 computers, all of my finances personal and corporate are online. My digital camera is with me at all times. That said, I spend way too much time with finance related activities on line (even apart from my job). I'm not sure all this technology is saving time!

  2. I do the same as you and I'm probably the first generation to widely accept and embrace all these developments. I love it! The best thing that I get beyond the ones that you use is an alert (free of course) of changes in my credit report and an alert (text) of things that post to my bank account. I haven't paid an overdraft fee in years since getting the alert.

  3. I just balanced my checkbook on my computer. I think it would harder to manager my finances without the internet and budgeting software.