Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paying it forward

Dave Ramsey announced a contest on his radio show yesterday called the "Great Giving Challenge" Dave will give 3 winners $5000 to give away to others. $1000 a day for 5 days. If you are unfamiliar with Dave this is step 7 of his seven baby steps to getting out of debt. Step 7 states: Build wealth and give! This sounds like a great contest that I want to enter. I have never given away that kind of money before and certainly not to strangers. Sure I have bought my co-workers lunch for a job well done, purchased family and friends gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I once bought a TV for some friends for a house warming gift after winning some money in Atlantic City.

The thought of having found money to give to people in need is just plain exciting. Thinking of reactions by people struggling is just amazing. Although I still have a pile of debt in front of me I know there are people, families worst off then me and giving them a lift might be the inspiration they need to get them on the right track. I need to get my video done for Dave's contest.

Have you ever giving away money to some in need?