Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holiday Cash

Now with 80 days left before Christmas, can't believe it's been over 3 weeks from my first post on the topic deck-halls there appears to a number of temporary jobs that will be popping up in time to help add the extra money in your bank account to fulfill all of those wish lists. I heard a story yesterday about another interesting way to put a little extra cash in you pocket for the holidays. Do it by taking on odd jobs and using social media like facebook and twitter to advertise yourself. See the Good Morning America story here: plan-hire-holiday-season

Taking on jobs that can be tedious can earn you some quick cash. Completing shopping or holiday wrapping could help others who don't have the time to complete during this busy time of year. This could be a nice advantage for stay at home moms, or people who work off hours, taking advantage when the regular 9 to 5ers are at work. The power of facebook may very easily open up your potential customer base and who better to trust with these types of task then a friend.

Here are some other money making ideas during this busy time of year:

Babysitting -Watching other kids so they can do their holiday shopping

Baking - During the Holiday everyone love dessert

Food/ grocery shopping - with a agreed upon list

What other type of jobs can you think of? Have you every taken on a part time job to fund your holiday shopping?
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