Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shaving Cost

Do you have any everyday items that you just hate paying for, or feel you pay too much for? I do. Razors! Why do razors cost so much? Is it the materials that are used to make them? The technique used to manufacture them?  I have no clue, but I 'm really tired of paying so much for them. I typically shave every night. My job requires I look presentable, clean-shaven. I usually use Gillette Sensor razors. I have found that it give me the best shave, with the least irritation of my skin. Here’s a breakdown of my razor cost:

Gillette sensor 5 pack - $12

Packs Per Year – 10.4

Average Years of Shaving (Ages 20-72) 52 years 
(I really started shaving much earlier, but I’ll save that for a different post)

Lifetime number of razor packs – 540.8

Total Lifetime razor cost - $6489.60

Ouch! $6k on razors, there must be a cheaper way. I have tried electric shavers and they do not work for me. I know others have concerns about the cost of everyday expenses, some are building political campaigns around it.

What everyday items do you purchase that cost too much? Could you do without them?


  1. get a straight edge?
    I just purchased a replacement 150w halogen bulb for the kitchen. $6.50. That's expensive.

  2. Straight edges scary me. It would save me money on shaving cost but might raise my medical bill. :)

  3. Check out Safety Blades - they are BAD ASS! The handle cost me ~$30 and the blades are $5 for a 10 pack which lasts me a LONG time