Thursday, October 7, 2010

Could you get any lower?

I've heard the stories of identity theft, but not until recently did I learn about the growing trend of parents stealing their kids identities. Ouch! Talk about a low blow. If identity theft isn't scary enough on it's owe, these victims of these crimes don't even know it's happening until they are old enough to apply for credit themselves but by then so much damage can already be done. Instead of solving ones own financial issues, they look to destroy their own innocent children. There are a number of articles on the topic, but true data on the number of identity theft that are actual parent/child theft is still unclear.

Things that you can do, check your credit report often is one of the best prevention measures. Any type of credit card / loan mailing to an under age child is another clear sign that something may not be right. If you suspect any unusual you should contact the three major credit agencies and tell them about the potential fraud.

How do you protect your personal information? Hoe often do you review you credit report?

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