Monday, September 13, 2010

Lemonade Sale

Reading some post over @ GRS this weekend reminded of my own story I wanted to tell about my 3 kids and their recent lemonade sale. It was 2 weekends ago.  I have twins who are 11 (boy & girl) and an 8 year old son. They asked if they could have a lemonade sale. I said sure. I had yard work to do, so I would be outside and could help supervise. All three work together to make lemonade, pink lemonade and ice tea.  I helped a little with the pricing since they were having a difficult time decided on the price. Once decided on they set up the table, made some signs, cups, ice, cooler etc., were all in place. The only other advice I gave them was to make sure they had enough change, dollars and coins in their bank. I gave them an example if someone purchased 1 cup and handed you a five dollar bill you need to have change for it. The light bulb went off and they scrambled to their piggy banks for a bank roll.
They pretty quickly had a few of the neighborhood kids come down and had their first sale. They made a few trips to the neighbors house selling door to door and sold a few more cups. I mowed the lawn and watched, they did not need my help.. They handled making change and sales were pretty good for the first 1/2 hour. About an hour in sales began to dip and after a refill of ice, my oldest sone returned from the house with a Halloween costume from a few years ago. It was a pull over shark costume. I asked him what was his plan with that? He said I'm going to stand at the corner with my sign and see if I can attract more people to out sale. 
Well he did. A few people saw him and made the effort to come on by. They hung in there for another hour before shutting things down. I helped them clean up and they counted their earnings. After paying out their initial bank roll they made $20. So they each took their $6.65 cut and were very happy with their work.
I was proud of their teamwork, their money skills, and finally their advertising /marketing flare.

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