Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Satisfied are you?

Well according to a recent survey most workers are satisfied with their jobs. Stress ranked this highest in over dissatisfaction, with pay following a close second.

Of the 13 areas questioned 7 ranked about 50% on the completely satisfied scale. I'm wondering how stress can be the highest area of concern, but generally work condition are good, you get along with co-workers and boss, you like the hours you work, you have ample vacation time. When looking over the bottom 5 of 6 they are all money/ benefit driven, and affect one another. If you are not recognized for you hard work, your chance for promotions decrease, your overall income suffers, your retirement fund can not be as big because you don't make as much money. If benefits lack and you need to pay more out of pocket cost, you end up sending more of the money your not making from the hard work that did not get recognized, I think you get the point. This is how I think we get to the top dissatisfied bucket being stress. If the above doesn't get you stressed out I don't know what will.

Although we are in better shape today then were were in 2001, it appears that in some areas we peaked in 2007 right around the time that things really when south for the overall economy. Still today job security has lost ground due the the current economic climate.

Are you satisfied with all areas of your job? What causes you stress at work?


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