Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Another item I'm trying to work into our monthly budget is an allowance for our 3 children. They as children go are pretty helpful around the house. It does take a lot of asking, and the response is usually groans and moans but they handle a number of chores. Including cleaning their rooms, making their beds, taking care of their pets, (2 rats, guinea pigs, and dog) food, water, clean cages, load, empty dishwasher, do laundry, fold laundry, make lunches, set table for dinner, and take out the trash. At ages 11,11 and 8 my wife and I feel they are doing their part to help out around the house.

In the past we have used a chore chart on a weekly basis, once an item was complete they would get a check. If they earned a certain amount of checks each week they would earn their allowance. It worked for a bit, but often check marks were forgotten and we lost track of chores completed. We are now using the free style method. We are giving each child $5 per week for their allowance. The chores are shared and we are not keeping track of every one complete. This seems to work much better. The children help each other on things like cleaning the table or loading the dishwasher, but take turns on things like taking out the trash. The kids seem excited and have began to plan their own budgets with their $5 stipend.

How do you handle allowances? What's the going rate in your house?


  1. We have 5 kids and we go a similar route - fixed weekly allowances based on budgets for what they are expected to purchase. They're expected to do a set of chores around the house. We keep a Chore "Fail" List that we only check off when chores are ignored. Checking off the chore fail item debits from their online allowance accounts.

    This way, we minimize the chore chart maintenance hassle, but still hold them accountable.

    Seems to work as a nice middle ground.

  2. I like that idea. A chore "Fail" chart. May have to work one up this weekend. Thanks Bill!