Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Priority, Priority, Priority

I recently came across the article online.


I was surprised to see foreclosure rates are still on the rise. It got me thinking about my bill priority and how when money is tight how I choose to pay my bills. Not all debt is equal. I think you can classify them into essential and non-essential debt. For me having a roof over my families head is essential and I make that a priority when paying my monthly bills. Making a credit card payment each month is non-essential. Sure it might affect my credit score and I might get a phone call or two, but if I had to choose between my mortgage or credit card. I'm paying the mortgage. Some bills my vary by your personal situation.

Car Payment - essential if you need to to get to work, non-essential if you don't

Medical Insurance - essential if you are currently under medical care, non-essential if you have a good bill of health.

Utility Bills - essential if you don't have heat, water, electricity that could be a health risk

Home Phone - non-essential if you have a cell phone, essential if you don't

I'm certainly not recommending that you not pay your bills. If you suffer a lose of income you need to make a list of your bills and understand what category they fall into. It may be drastic, but knowing your options and educating yourself about the consequences of not paying your debts is key. Organizing bills in this way and cutting those corners may give you enough time to get back on your feet.

What are you essential and non-essential bills?

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