Friday, August 13, 2010

Online Banking

Where would we all be without online banking? I can't imagine managing my money without being about to log on and check the status of accounts. Just tonight I had to move money around before my wife went to the store. We have so many tools at our disposal.  There are online pay, automatic payment options, direct deposit, bill reminders, e-statements, etc.

I have used on occasion the online pay feature for some bills to avoid being late on a payment.  I also use direct deposit.  It is just very valuable to be able to at any moment log on and get an update on where you stand financially. With all of these tools today, why is personal debt at all time highs? How did our parents manage their bank accounts years ago? Salves to the check register and the monthly statement? Is simpler, easier?

I like to know what tools if any you use to help manage you finances.

1 comment:

  1. Amen, Kudo to my parents on their ability to keep that cheque register up to date and reconciled. I use my online banking and balance religiously and love that many of my bills are auto deduct or at least able to click and pay quickly online.