Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's all in a name.

I started my blog as a way help keep track of our progress for paying off our debt. I decided on the name because the debt was accumulated by the whole family. No the kids don't have there own credit cards, but do factor into our spending. It was something my wife and I talked about before getting married and having a family. That finances would be one of our marriages biggest challenges. I had no idea there was a TV show on CNBC with a similar name: "Til Debt Do Us Part" 

It's a show that my wife and I watch regularly now. It helps keep us focused on our goal. It quite often shows couples that are not communication about their budgets or re not clear what the other one is spending each month.  To echo my post from yesterday communication is the key.

I wonder what resources you use, other blogs, web sites, shows, books etc to keep your eye on your prize?


  1. Til Debt Do Us Part (the show :-) was the reason I started blogging and the way I finally got my money on track. It's great that it's available in the US now on CNBC. Her book is available in the US too. It's a great resource. After Gail, blogging and reading tons of blogs have been my inspiration and motivation.

  2. I really enjoy it. It's a nice little reality check each week and a good reminder that you are not alone in the world of debt.