Friday, August 20, 2010

How's the Water Cooler Budget?

You balance a budget at home, but do you have any financial responsibility outside of your home? You may not realize it but you probably do to some degree at you job. I'm sure if you were over budget there, there would be consequences. There is no credit card to make up what you don't have in cash at the end of the month in the office, well at least not where I work.

My job has a budget component to it, and for as long as I can remember I have always been under budget with spending each year. How is it that I can be so disciplined at work and so undisciplined at home? Here are some of those work related budget items:

Office Supplies - order them and have a spending guide line

Labor hours /Overtime - have direct report and have to manage their time and how much OT they work?

Software/ Hardware / Equipment purchase - need to keep cost to a certain dollar amount?

Projects - overall budget sending tie to a projects.

Budget Planning - projecting cost for future projects, purchase, years

All the above things happen everyday in business. If you are successful with these at the office, can they help you at home?

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