Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Vs. Food

I have seen and read a lot recently about who has the best burgers, and fast foods both online and on TV.

Here is one such article -fast-food-survey-results

It got me thinking about my families favorites, and then it got me thinking about the cost. My children are at they age where kids meals are becoming a thing of the past. It brings a tear to my eye, not because they're growing up, but because of the amount of food they are eating and the dollars I'm dropping. Subway is one of their favorites, which is good because it's one of the healthier ones. But if the 5 of us go there for lunch or a quick dinner we can easy spent $30-$35 a trip.

Our average dinner out has jumped $15-20 with kids meal now going to regular meals. I try and take my lunch to work everyday because a typical eat out lunch run in the $5-7 dollar range each day. Brown bagging it saves me $25-$35 a week. We don't eat our frequently, to help cut cost and so when we do make it that much more of a special family event.

What are you tips for cutting cost when eating out? What are you favorite fast foods?

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