Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Week Days 1& 2

I'm on vacation this week and I think it's my first official stay-cation. I figured I post the list of activities and cost associated with them as our week progressed. At the end of the week I'll give you the grand total, what we past up vacation wise and what we saved by staying home.

Day 1 - As posted in my Millionaire Update , I traveled into New York City. Cost $25 for train fare, $5.41 for a sandwich. Rest of the family went to a pool party - no cost. Total Day 1 - $30.41

Day 2 - The 5 of us went to the beach. We package a lunch form home. $10.00 fee to enter / park at beach. Good time had by all $0.00 Total Day 2- $10.00

Here's some photos from our day.

2 day total = $40.41

More to come.........

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