Friday, July 2, 2010

Lottery - How much coinage do you need?

I have often dreamed of winning the lottery. I don't play on a regular basis, but typically play when the jackpot reaches over $100 million. I play on my own and usually chip in with co-workers. I certainly don't want to be the guy left out at work who didn't get in when they win.

I day dream about what I do with the money, paying off all my bills, helping my family with theirs, being able to drive any car I want or vacation where ever I want. All great things, but when I snap back to reality I realize I don't need $100 million. If I won just  $100,000 things would be so much different. That winning a $100K would be a spring board to paying off my debt. It makes thing easier day to day, work wouldn't be so stressful.  Just think of your life if you didn't have you monthly rent, mortgage payment or credit cards bills. What would you do if you won the lottery? What's the dollar amount the you'd need to win to make things easier for you?

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