Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Dogs a Good Source of Income?

I believe I found my 2nd source of income this weekend that will help me pay off my debt off even faster.

Well maybe competitive eating isn't for me, but it got me thinking. What's the best way to increase income to have more to pay down debt. Having 3 children makes it tough to take on another job and finding something flexible enough for my wife to be home when the kids are is a challenge. Putting the kids in daycare would just offset her additional income. I know many parents struggle with this, some work different shifts to not incur the daycare cost. If you can't increase your income, you can certainly look to decrease spending. There are some easy ones like packing a lunch instead of buying, swapping out old light bulbs to the high efficiencies ones to help reduce energy cost, stop using another banks ATMs and racking up ATM fees.

So what are the tricks and tips you use? Are there any real work at home jobs out there?

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