Monday, July 26, 2010

Do You Want To Be a Millionaire Update.

I journeyed into New York City today for my first ever game show audition. It was at the ABC building on 66th street. I arrived earlier and there were a number of people lined up outside. I checked in with a woman with official  headset and clipboard. Then the wait began. There was a buzz about the line as people shared stories about there millionaire experiences. People walking and driving down the street asked what was going on. ( If you are in the NYC auditions are on going over the next 2 weeks) I waited in line and overheard theories about how you get picked for the show. You needed to have a big personality, you had to get all the questions right on the test, you had to have luck, etc

My group was finally called in and we went through security, metal detector and all. Then we where sat in groups of 4. We were all handed a package and on the table were those high school scan tron multiple choice answer forms and a #2 pencil. After everyone was seated it was explained that we'd be taking a 30 question multiple choice test in 10 minutes. They would then be graded and 10 people out of the group of almost 200 would be selected for an interview. The rest were free to leave and try again. After all were settled we were off. The questions were all over the place from what sport did Zac Efron play in the High School Musical movies to what breed of dogs does the queen of England own.

I thought I fared well, but as they read off who advanced to the next level my dreams of eliminating my debt clean in once afternoon faded away. I did not make it. I was left with a Millionaire souvenir magnet and a long walk back to the train station. Better luck next time.

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