Monday, July 19, 2010

Cutting the Credit Card Cord

Well it's done. We have closed all our our credit cards today. I have to admit it feels kind of good, knowing that I won't be adding to my families overall debt anytime soon.  We still owe a pile of debt on said credit cards, but the pile will only be getting smaller from this day forward. It has taking many years to build up the courage to go it alone, solo.

I guess you can say my Debit card is a loner now, because he's the only thing in my pocket with the Visa logo on it.  It is certainly a step in the right direction. It's all about the cash method now. We need to keep the budget on track.

So how do you manage your credit card debt? How do you travel with no Credit cards?

1 comment:

  1. My husband and I decided to take the plunge and rid our lives of credit cards and it is the smartest things we ever did. We still have our fair share of bills without the added temptation of plastic.